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Medical and chest X-ray certificates

Generally, we require medical and chest X-ray certificates as evidence of your standard of health. All certificates must be less than three months old at the time you lodge your application. However, if you have already provided these certificates in the last 36 months you may not need to provide new certificates.  You should refer to the leaflet Health Requirements (INZ 1121) PDF for further information.


Note: Pregnant women and children under 11 years of age are not required to submit a chest X-ray certificate unless a special report is required.

How do I get a medical certificate or chest X-ray certificate?

In some countries Immigration New Zealand has a selected panel of medical practitioners or institutions which you must use for medical examinations. To check for the names and addresses of the approved doctors and radiologists please see our list of panel doctors.

You will need to meet the costs of any tests and examinations. If you are in New Zealand, the costs are not covered by the New Zealand health service, unless you require ongoing treatment for tuberculosis (TB).

In most cases an X-ray cannot be completed without a doctor referring you to a radiologist. You need to make an appointment with a doctor for a referral.

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