Summary of Terms

Summary of Terms Index

Acceptable investment

Acceptable investment (Migrant Investment Category)

Acceptable standard of health

Accredited employer

Additional Selection Criteria

Adult sibling/Adult child


Approval in principle

Area of absolute skills shortage

Australian citizens and residents


Basic New Zealand qualification

Basic rules for business experience

Benefiting New Zealand

Birth certificate

Bona fide applicant

Bonus points

Border cash report


Business enterprise

Business experience

Centre of Gravity

Certified copies

Character requirement for partners supporting partnership-based temporary entry applications

Character requirements

Character waiver

Cities and Territorial Authorities


Close family in New Zealand

Comparable labour market

Competent user of English

Conditions of work visas

Custody of children

Customary adoption

Dependent children

Dependent relative - Refugee Family Support Category

Deportation liability notice


Distance learning

Domestic student


Drug trafficking


Education institution

Education provider

Eligible sponsor

Employability and capacity building factors

Employer Representative

Employment outside Auckland

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

English language competence

English language requirements

English language requirements (partner and dependent children)

English speaking background

English translations


ESOL training


Evidence of business record and financial position

Evidence of funds

Evidence of relationship

Evidence of training your business provides to New Zealand employees

Exceptional talent

Express purpose

Expression of Interest form

Expression of Interest Pool

Expunged criminal records

False or misleading information


Family member - Refugee Family Support Category

Fee waiver arrangement

Foundation programmes

Full fee-paying student

Full Industry List

Full Occupational List

Full occupational registration

Full time employment

Full time study

Funds earned or acquired legally


Genuine and stable relationship

Genuine application for a visa or permit

Genuine offer of employment

Genuine visitor/tourist

Going concern

Good character

Good character - residence

Grandparents and Legal Guardians

Health requirements

Health requirements for residence in NZ

Health requirements for temporary entry to New Zealand (Students, Workers and Visitors)

HIV/AIDS risk countries

Horticulture and viticulture

Identified future growth area

IELTS certificate

Immediate family

Immediate family - Refugee Family Support Category

Immigration Adviser

Immigration status

Industry New Zealand

Intention to work

International English Language Testing System

International Qualification Assessment (IQA)

Investor Category points system

Issuing authority


Labour market test

Law enforcement agency

Legal adoption

Legal guardian

Legally earned or acquired

Length of Course

Liable for deportation

License conditions

Limited Visa

List of Qualifications Exempt from Assessment

List of skilled occupations

Long Term Skill Shortage List

Low TB risk country

Managed funds

Management experience

Market rate

Medical and X-ray certificate

Medical certificate

Medical waiver

Meeting employment and immigration laws

Migrant Levy

Minimum standard of English

Minimum threshold

Ministry of Education


National repute


New Zealand employer

New Zealand Occupational Registration Bodies

New Zealand qualifications

New Zealand Qualifications Authority

New Zealand Qualifications Framework

New Zealand Qualifications Framework [temporary]

New Zealand Resident

New Zealand Trade & Enterprise

Non-principal applicant

NZAP funding

Occupational registration

October 2000 Transitional Policy


Offer of employment

Ongoing and sustainable employment

Ongoing Resourcing Scheme

Ordinarily resident in NZ

Organisation Details

Owned by you or jointly

Part time study



Partnership requirements


People trafficking

Permanent resident visa

Personal Details

Place of work


Police certificates


Post-graduate New Zealand qualification

Potential Skilled Migrant

Potentially prejudicial information

Pre Assessment Result

Principal Applicant

Prison terms

Private training establishment

Provisional occupational registration


Quota under Pacific Access Category

Recognised postgraduate qualification

Recognised qualification

Recognised Qualification - Two years

Recognised work experience

Registration (full or provisional)

Relevant New Zealand employment law

Removal order

Resident visa

Residential property development

Retained acceptable investment

Right to remove a child

Risk factors for TB

Samoan Quota Scheme

Section 11

Section 150 of the Immigration Act 2009

Section 49(1) of the Immigration Act 2009

Section 7(1) of the Immigration Act

Sections 15 and 16 of the Immigration Act 2009

Seeking New Zealand workers

Selection Point


Settlement and Contribution Requirements

Skill Profile

Skilled employment

Skilled migrant

SMC changes

Sole carer - Refugee Family Support Category

Special case

Special Vocational Trainees categories



Study extramurally

TEC/Tertiary Education Commission

Temporary Chest X-ray certificate

Temporary visa


Tertiary Education Commission


Trading bank


Translating documents for temporary visa applications

Travel conditions

Travel document

Type of study

UN Sanctions

Unencumbered funds

Unions and Professional Associations

Unlicensed adviser

Variation of travel conditions



Visa Free Countries


Work experience

Work experience in New Zealand

Work to Residence

Work visa